I work with pregnant and new mothers to explore the deeper aspects of themselves and create deep, strong roots for their children to grow from.

I really care about you and your babies and would love to support you to become the paret you truly want to be.

The Back Story

Before my daughter was born, I worked with parents who were disconnected from their kids, each other and themselves. They were grappling to find a way to repair their relationships with their kids and deal with their challenging and risky behaviours.

It didn’t take me long to see that all of these kids had experienced a challenging start to life and that their parents were parenting from their own lifelong experiences of trauma, disconnection and negative relationship patterning. 

It was at that time that I realised that what all kids really need is nurturing and responsive caregiving, deep love, acceptance and a whole lot of connection! I realised the difference a well supported, well mother in the early years could make to their entire lives.

I knew then that I was called to work with families, to support mothers and babies, right from the beginning to create deep, strong roots for their children to grow from.

I started Tree House Family Counselling with the purpose of supporting the parent child relationship in families because I knew that connection was the answer to everything!

I started teaching parents how to use responsive caregivivng. To use connection to balance out power struggles, deep listening to master melt-downs and gentle discipline to manage anger.

I started working with families earlier and earlier in their journeys to support them to understand the deeper aspects of themselves and their own histories so that they could become the parents they truly want to be. 

It was after my second child was born that I knew it was time to focus my energy on supporting parents to uncover the roots of their own story so that they could become the parents (and partners) that they dreamed of being.

That was when THE ROOTS OF MOTHERHOOD was brought to life.

It was like a baby that was born and grew alongside of my second daughter and I believe that aswell as being Mama to my girls, it is my purpose in life to guide mothers on this transformational journey. 

For the last twenty years, I have worked with over hundreds of families. In fact my entire adult life has been spent supporting families in many different settings, towns and countries. I have worked with new families, families who have experienced trauma, families with mental health challenges, adults and kids with disabilities, kids at risk of suicide, refugee families, severely disadvantaged families and parents trying everything they can to improve the lives of their kids. I have worked with FIFO families, blended families, single parent families, city families, suburban families and rural families.

Qualifications and learning.

I hold a Diploma in Community Welfare and a ‘Mt Louisa Counselling Certificate’ that were obtained as part of a dual qualification in 2009 for Community Workers already practising in the field. At that time I was working with Mums and kids in a domestic violence service.

I am a qualified Sandplay Therapist and use this expressive therapy modality to support people of all ages to access the deeper parts of themselves.

I am  certified as a Newborn Mothers Post-Partum Professional and hold a cert. 4 in Breastfeeding Education (counselling)

I am always adding to my knowledge base and in 2021 I will be studying a certificate in Infant Mental Health and learning more about Neuroprotective Developmental Care and The Possum’s Approach.

I have completed many additional courses in relation to parent education and counselling including;

  • The Philosophy of Parenting
  • Parenting By Connection
  • Managing Family Meetings
  • Counselling Children and Adolescents
  • Narrative Therapy – Tree Of Life Model
  • Birth Trauma Training for Birth Professionals.

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‘Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.’ Brené Brown

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