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I am so excited to share my thoughts with you here on the Tree House Blog.  I would love to hear your feedback on posts and please let me know what you would love to read about. This blog is written for parents who want to have a deeper connection with their kids. If you are interested in getting real about the rollercoaster that is parenting, developing a nurturing, calm and emotionally centred parenting style and supporting your kids to develop more positive behaviours and a deeper understanding of their own emotions than this is the blog for you.

‘Every experience I have, is perfect for my growth’. Louise Hay

Unmet needs in the 4th trimester.

For the first few months of a baby’s life, as they acclimatize to life outside of your belly, baby’s love all things that mimic the safety and security of the womb. This is why this time is referred to as the 4th Trimester. They like to; be held and cuddled A LOT...

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The Roots of Motherhood.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gAiqdnTA0Q&list=PLr_L7n54gOh7PUe1ln5i2BPLdx7yaj5NQ&index=2 Are you a new mum, pregnant, planning to be? Then this is a community created for you. In our community we explore our pasts and the deeper aspects of ourselves to...

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Exhausted Mums blog series

 What all Exhausted Mums Need to Know What would it be like to feel like this Mama in the picture? Full of life and laughter, full of the energy you need to be playful and face the day, What a dream!! In reality though, most of us are exhausted and overwhelmed! You...

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7 simple tips for Burnt Out Mums

If you didn't read my post yesterday about Exhausted Mums and Mum Burn Out, read it here before you read this one. The problem with Mum Burn Out is that it can make it really hard for us Mamas to do anything! Let alone anything that will help...

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What all exhausted Mums need to know

Oh to feel like this Mama! Full of life, laughter and the energy to have fun with her kids. If only, I am too exhausted to even think about it! You know those days when you are home all day with the kids and it feels like you are not really...

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Tribe? Village? Community? What’s it all mean?

It is all about Belonging. The notion of belonging or social identity is an integral part of developing a sense of who we are. Although we consider ourselves to be individuals, it is our membership of particular groups that is most important in constructing a sense of...

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You wanna play wis me?

This is the current catch cry of my daughter. Well more specifically ‘You wanna play babies wis me?” and to be honest, No, not really I don’t!! Playing with kids, to those without kids and those who don’t spend a lot of time with kids, sounds like the easiest job in...

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How to be ‘New’ in the New Year

I have been thinking a lot in recent weeks about the symbolism of beginning a New Year. How do we successfully end something and start something new when nothing is actually ending and nothing is beginning? Confused yet? Yes me too! Put simply, years are a symbol of...

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Parenting is hard!

Do you ever find yourself looking at other parents and thinking, ‘I wish I could be more like that with my kids’? Guess what? It is likely that the parent you are looking at has thought the same today while admiring someone else! Families are not made of plastic! I...

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