You know in life when everything is cruising along and you have that moment where you think, ‘Wow, things are pretty cool just now’ and then…………………

BAM! A really big ‘thing’ happens and throws a big, fat, mean, nasty, ugly, twisted spanner in to the works? You know those times? Well that is us right now.

We recently found out that my Father in law is unwell and its the type of unwell that doesn’t get better easily.

So after some very small deliberations (not many really, it was pretty obvious to us) we decided that we needed to go to the UK to be with our family. For a good while at least.

Enter crazy weeks of planning, organising, putting on hold, and a whole lot of staring at this screen when I am meant to be working on a shift for Tree House Family Counselling to 6 months of operating only online.  I love my family to bits and its hard to focus with a sore heart 🙁 <3

I know we are doing the right thing for our family right now, but when you have a family, a business and a community, uprooting and moving to the other side of the earth is big, confronting, overwhelming stuff.

Tree House to me has always been about relationships and supporting people through big transitions. Transforming, strengthening, repairing and nurturing family relationships, especially in times of big transitions. That is what this trip is about for us, strengthening family bonds, building beautiful memories, nurturing each other and transforming through one of life’s big transitions.
The best way to have conversations about managing big transitions with Little Muffin Miss 3, who it seems is pretty set in her ways and not big on change right now, well that is for another post!

So I wanted to fill you in on what all this mean for Tree House Family Counselling for the rest of 2016;

Adult counselling, Parenting support, strategy sessions and packages will still be available via skype or zoom meeting rooms online.

Free Pregnancy workshops will become available to ALL pregnant women and their partners in the next couple of months online via Zoom Meeting rooms, July workshop is already open for bookings HERE

Pregnancy and Post-Natal counselling and Nurturing services will also be available online. Services will be a little different to the in person sessions of course but the focus on Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health and Mums and Dads getting all the support they need so they can care for their babies will still be at the centre of it all.

Some group programs, group workshops and webinars may become available online over the next few months too.

Counselling services for family groups that include children or for children and teens will be put on hold for the time being.

If you would like more information about any of these options please feel free to get in touch HERE



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