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I am so excited to have created Cool, Calm and Connected just for you.

Cool, Calm and Connected is a 6-month 1:1 intensive coaching package for parents who want to learn to manage anger calmly, get discipline down to a fine art and have more happy, loving, snuggle time with their kids and their partners.

What you get

You get 6 months worth of intensive 1:1 coaching, including Intensive sessions to dive deep into some super cool new parenting strategies tailored to meet your needs. I will not only teach you all the strategies you need to say goodbye to tantrums, time-outs and power struggles, I will stand by your side and support you every step of the way to make this work for your unique family.

There are also 6 group coaching/workshop sessions over the 6 months! This is so you get the opportunity to workshop some of the common issues and strategies with other Parents.

You can do it on your own or together with your partner or co-parent. (you can both attend from separate locations too, which makes this do-able for families with a parent who works away!)

Why I made it for you

I have created this package for you because I can see how hard you work as a parent, every. single. day.

Your cup is overflowing with overwhelm and the tools you are using to try to get through the day with the kids just aren’t working.

I want to share discipline strategies with you that feel right and deepen your connection with your kids rather than break down trust and fill you with guilt.

I want to take the time with you to find the strategies that work for your unique family and support you every step of the way to make the strategies fit. Plus, explore the emotional blocks and personal ‘stuff’ that stand in your way and really cement in these changes so that you can maintain them long term.

2017 is the year to get the support and tools you need, so you can start concentrating on the memories you are making!

Here is what a Cool, Calm and Connected life looks like

  • You will be smiling, laughing and playing with your kids (and I mean actually!)
  • You will be managing anger and aggression with love, taming melt downs using listening and balancing out power struggles with ease.
  • You will get to drink your coffee hot in the morns and maybe a glass of wine before 9pm. (no more morning or bedtime chaos)
  • You can have actual conversations and snuggles with your partner, like you used to BC (before children)

I only have 6 spots available for this package , booking now and starting the work in January.

Click Here to secure your spot so you can look forward to mastering the art of discipline and enjoying life with your kids again.

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