A Family Coach is someone who works closely with parents to create positive change in families. Someone who supports you through the stormy patches of family life, and helps you to create more sunshine 🙂

A lot of people worry that if they work with a coach who focuses on their family they are going to have to tell them their life story and have their parenting picked apart and analysed.

Others worry that they might fall to pieces and not be able to continue to move forward or have nothing to say when their session starts.

I have worked with counsellors and coaches as a client, so I truly do understand those fears.

I want to outline for you what it is like working with me, in the hope that I can alleviate some of your fears and make you feel more comfortable about the process.

  1. I start by getting to know you and your family a little better. For us to work out what will really help you to create the positive change you are looking for, there are some things I need to understand. The first session is always a 2-hour session that covers things like;
    • Who is in your family and what roles they play
    • Your wider support network.
    • A typical day in your week.
    • What a perfect day for you would look like.
    • The goals you want to achieve in our work together.
  2. We spend time discussing what is going on for you and working through ideas and potential strategies and solutions. There is no one size fits all approach for parents or families as there is no one size fits all family! I talk you through strategies based on your family and your goals and we discuss if/how we can make them work in your family.
  3. Between our sessions together, you experiment. Testing out strategies, keeping some rough notes about what works and what feelings and triggers come up for you, helps us to troubleshoot and create the perfect ‘tool-kit’ for your family.
  4. We work slowly, making sure you are well-equipped emotionally. Throwing you in the deep-end with a heap of new strategies or ideas is not realistic. As a counsellor, I understand that this work will take a lot of emotional energy to put in place. We work at your pace and explore and work through any obstacles to success that come up.
  5. We have total flexibility in our sessions to meet your needs. We work towards the goals set by you in our first session. Session by session we work on what is important to you at the time, what has come up for you since our last session and what areas need more work.

As we move through the sessions, we build on the strategies and add in more. It is like a game of Jenga but we are aiming for a tall solid tower not a collapsed one! We continue to build upwards, we take out parts that are not serving their purpose and replace them with stronger structures.I am with you every step of the way to coach you through, teach the steps and guide the implementation.

I am with you every step of the way to coach you through, teach the steps and guide the transformation.

All the way through our work together, I use my counselling skills to support you to remove obstacles, process emotional blocks and work through what is triggering you.

We work in a way that suits you and meets your needs as we go along. Maybe you are nailing the strategies and want more to work with, or perhaps you need additional support and time to implement new ideas.

What is important to me is that the work meets your needs and that I can support you to build a solid structure and get back on top and in charge of emotions and behaviours in your family.

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