I have been thinking a lot in recent weeks about the symbolism of beginning a New Year. How do we successfully end something and start something new when nothing is actually ending and nothing is beginning? Confused yet? Yes me too!

Put simply, years are a symbol of time (I know it is a lot more complicated than that!) and time does not finish and begin again, which is why it is a symbolic ending and beginning. So we can therefore use this symbolism to create any New that we desire. How awesome is that?! So lets be ‘New’ for 2015 by doing two simple things –  listen to our hearts and trust our gut when it comes to raising our children.

Big unachievable New Years Resolutions are not my thing so here are some achievable suggestions for how to be ‘New’ in the New Year when it comes to parenting

  • Take a minimum of half an hour once a week to ‘RENEW’ your self. Be alone and do something that makes you feel good.
  • Stop reading parenting books and read your INTERNAL PARENTING BOOK. (more on this in the New Year).
  • SURROUND YOURSELF with other parents who make you feel good about your parenting choices – Find your Parent Group, Mamas group, Dad’s group.
  •  LAUGH with your kids every day. If it gets to bed time and you can’t remember having a laugh with them today, you better have a good joke ready or ask them to tell you one.
  • Follow your HEART and your GUT. If you make a choice that feels okay in your heart and right in your gut, especially when it comes to your parenting, then it is the right choice for you. Let go of any advice to the contrary.
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT, Good enough is good enough :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, now all you have to do is follow through! I look forward to sharing more posts with you in 2015 and I hope to meet some of you in person for counselling, coaching, workshops or group programs in the near future. Don’t forget we can connect via SKYPE if you are not local to me but would like some support.

I am logging off for 2014 and detoxing from the digital world for 2 weeks to spend focussed and connected time with my family and friends. Feel free to get in touch by phone if you would like to make an early 2015 appointment or by email if you are happy to wait for a reply.