Do you ever find yourself looking at other parents and thinking, ‘I wish I could be more like that with my kids’?

Guess what? It is likely that the parent you are looking at has thought the same today while admiring someone else!

Families are not made of plastic!

I want to put it out there to all of you mums and dads who are doing it tough, having a stressful time, feeling óver it’ (or under it!) You are doing an awesome job! Parenting is hard, real hard. Any parent who tells you that parenting is easy and that kids just slot in to your lifestyle, MUST fit in to one of the following categories

Their kids are well and truly grown up and they have forgotten what it is like to parent someone under 25.
They have a partner or co-parent who does ALL of the work.
They are LYING!

We all strive to do the very best for our children using the tools we have and what we know. We are bombarded with advice, recommendations, literature, parenting styles, family pressure and media interpretations. We are made to feel as though our way of parenting is the wrong way (often by people who say they love and care about us and trusted health care professionals).

We deal with screaming, tantrums and I hate you, we clean up poo, wee and vomit while cradling babes in our arms, we provide our bodies to feed, warm and transport little people, we are ignored, grunted at and an embarrassment to our teens! Through it all we make mistakes but more importantly we have successes. We often forget to remember those ?

So today I am acknowledging that PARENTING IS HARD but it is also AWESOME. Celebrate your successes, surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you shine as a parent. Laugh with your kids, Play with your kids, cuddle your kids and reap the rewards of following your instincts rather than following the pack. Parenting is already hard, we don’t need others to make it harder.