This is the current catch cry of my daughter. Well more specifically ‘You wanna play babies wis me?” and to be honest, No, not really I don’t!!
Playing with kids, to those without kids and those who don’t spend a lot of time with kids, sounds like the easiest job in the world.
When our kids go through phases of needing us to support them in their play it can be exhausting. We have a huge pile of things to do
cleaning up
cooking dinner
school runs
the rest of the routine
Play sometimes misses out.

So although it is exhausting and we are busy and we don’t really feel like it, Here are a few reasons why my husband and I made a conscious decision to make play with our daughter a priority;

– Play promotes social interaction, social skills and competence. Children who play with others, especially parents, learn how relationships work through their play experiences. Relationships are the key to the development of empathy, tolerance and acceptance.

– Play provides opportunities for children to develop speech and language abilities and also to practice listening. We really want our daughter to learn to listen!

– Research shows that Children whose parents played with them were found to have greater levels of imagination and cognitive ability from ‘Dad’ play and a more secure attachment and more positive development from ‘Mum’ play compared to kids whose parents were non-players.

– Research also shows that older kids who played with their parents were also more engaged in other activities, experienced positive school engagement, had positive mental health, stronger friendship networks, and enjoyed greater family closeness compared with older children without playful parents.

There are also benefits for parents!!

– Play is consistently related to positive wellbeing for adults (and kids).

– Parents who play get big boosts in self-esteem, and most important, significant increases in relationship satisfaction.

Okay, okay, i get it. Play is good!!

Next post from me will be REAL TIPS on how to make play happen with your kids!!

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