Congratulations on Your pregnancy.

Welcome to The ‘Roots of Motherhood’ – let us support you to explore the roots of  your unique story and understand the deeper aspects of what makes a truly connected and joyful parent.

Pregnancy can be exciting but it is also a time that we question…

  • Who will I be as a mother?
  • How can I avoid messing up my kid!?
  • Will my partner and I be on the same page about parenting?
  • Who can I trust for advice on important things like breastfeeding and sleep?

When you work with me during your pregnancy, we explore how

your relationships,

your childhood experiences

 your core beliefs

and your values and strengths

will shape your future parenting experience.

 Together we work to identify your unique ‘roots of motherhood story’, and dig deep to remove any obstacles to you becoming the parent you truly want to be.

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The first 12 weeks after your baby is born, also known as the 4th trimester, is a time of great emotional and physical healing and transformation.

It is a time to rest and restore and find your unique, instinctive mothering style.

In the early weeks and months, I work with newborn mothers to create the strongest roots possible for mothers and babies to grow from.

At the centre of these roots, is a well supported, well mother.

By focussing on her wellbeing, and supporting her to develop her instinctive mothering style, we can cultivate a connected and joyful foundation for you and your baby to grow from.

Emma is a Mother of 2, Family Counsellor, Post-Natal Doula and Parenting Educator. 

Empowering you to find your instinctive mothering style by learning to listen to your heart and understand your baby’s unique language.

  • Post-Natal planning sessions – get a plan in place for your 4th trimester so you can be supported and cared for while you get to know your baby.
  • In-home post-natal sessions – active post-natal doula support including guiding you toward finding your instinctive mothering style and learning to read your baby’s cues. 
  • Counselling to support you with the transition to parenthood.
  • Breastfeeding, crying and sleep support. 
  • Work through your birth story and any trauma or issues you and/or your partner are having using sandplay therapy and counselling.
  • Get connected with other like-minded Mamas while getting professional advice and support throughout your baby’s first year of life with the Under One Mums Circle.

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“Thank you so much for the love bubble seminar today. My husband and I took so much away from it. We really look forward to implementing the things you suggested and working with you. I would highly recommend this seminar to all soon to be parents.”

‘What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all’.  Benjamin Spock