Each week in The Roots of Motherhood Facebook community I share a live video covering topics that encourage future parents to explore their roots and understand the deeper aspects of themselves in order to become the parent they truly want to be.

This week we discussed, why how you were parented will impact how you parent.

By exploring your own childhood, your past relationships, your values and core beliefs you can begin to create a framework for your future parenting or what I call your ‘unique roots of motherhood story’. By creating a story that supports you to understand how your past will impact on your future parenting experience, you can begin to grow your confidence in following your instincts with your baby, understand what you will find most challenging about the transition to motherhood and how to remove any obstacles that could get in the way of you becoming the parent you dream of being.

I’m really excited to support you to become the parent you truly want to be.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive and would like to explore these ideas in a supportive environment, come and join me in my free Facebook community ‘The Roots of Motherhood.’ In the group you can expect to further explore the concepts I have discussed here, connect with other like-minded mums and be supported towards becoming the mother you truly want to be.

I would love you to join us for more conversations like this one.

Emma Holdsworth is a mother of 2, Family Counsellor, Parenting Educator and pregnncy and postpartum Doula. Emma is passionate about supporting pregnant and new mums to feel empowered to become the parents they truly want to be. Emma supports parents to explore the deeper aspects of themselves, and understand how their childhood experiences, past relationships, values and beliefs will shape their future parenting experience.