“Counselling with Emma doesn’t feel like a formal session, it feels like a lovely chat with a really supportive and wise friend. The best part is, I always feel better afterwards, even when I didn’t think I needed to talk or be honest about something, in fact, especially then.

I feel grateful that just by talking things through with her I get to clarify the things I didn’t understand but also get to feel proud and empowered about the positive changes I didn’t even realise I’d been making. It’s all about accountability, self awareness and celebrating the little wins. I’m so glad I get to do it every month.” – S, Counselling client.

”I came to Emma with what I described as ‘general life issues’ – there was no trauma in my past or current life, or a major crisis going on. I was simply feeling a bit lost, disconnected and overwhelmed.

The first visit I had, which was a free ‘meet & greet’, I spent basically sobbing the whole time, off loading all my feelings and why I was struggling. Again, it wasn’t any one issue I could put my finger on, just a few things which were adding up to all feel very big.

I had fortnightly sessions and talked about anything I wanted – Emma would simply listen, ask questions back to me to help me really think about what I was saying & thinking and give me coping strategies which were simple and easy to implement.

By my last session, I really felt as though I had conquered nearly everything we had discussed in my first visit (my action plan) and actually got to the root of why I had really been feeling so lost and disconnected in the first place.

Emma is very empathetic, gives ‘real’ solutions and does not sit in a place of ‘I know everything’. Being a Mum herself she knows exactly what we are feeling and thinking and it helps so much to talk to someone who really ‘gets it’

If you are thinking you need some support with ‘just life stuff’ I would certainly recommend a visit, counselling doesn’t have to be long term for you to feel a lot better like me” – K pregnant mum with a toddler

“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family in only 2 sessions. The change is unbelievable!” – Cheryl, Step-mum to one.

“Our family came to Emma when our relationship with our 17 year old son became increasingly uncomfortable. After an initial visit that our whole family attended, our son had sessions with Emma every two weeks for a few weeks. On the weeks that he didnʼt go, my husband and I had sessions with Emma.

Emma offered practical suggestions and uncomplicated advice as to how we could improve communication with our son and attain a more peaceful household. She had a good understanding of teenage boys.

This wasnʼt a situation with a quick fix but, with Emmaʼs assistance our relationship with our son has improved. Our sessions with Emma felt like talking to a good friend, one who has more knowledge in the area that we needed help with and who could view things more objectively from the outside and offer impartial observations and advice.” – D, mother to teen boys.

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