Tree House Mamas Online

Welcome lovely Mama.
Imagine what it would be like to feel;
  • A deep connection to other like minded mums online (and in your community)
  • genuine self-compassion that allowed you to take care of yourself as number 1.
  •  supported to be the confident and calm Mama that you truly are.
The Tree House Mamas Support Circle can help you feel this way.

In this 12 week online program you will learn about;

  • building a true tribe or community that you can rely on.
  • how the way we judge ourselves and each other impacts on our mothering, our kids and our community.
  • growing your sense of self-compassion so you can prioritise your own wellbeing without feeling guilty.
  • the big emotions that Mums struggle with and strategies to work through them.
  •  vulnerabilty, trust and authenticity and how practicing these things can change the way we communicate.
  • the road blocks to parenting from our deepest instinct and strategies to get around them.
  • Plus a whole lot more!


The Tree House Mamas Online Support Circle is an educational and therapeutic group program with a difference for mums.

  • Led by a qualified and experienced counsellor and Mum, with a focus on inclusive, non-judgmental support from other Mums online.
  • Before the group begins you will have a private skype session with me to discuss what is going on for you and what your personal needs within the group will be. It is important that I understand the group dynamic and how it can best meet your needs.
  • Next we move in to the 12 week program.
  • We will have an educational and interactive topic for each fortnight of the program.
  • We will meet in an online meeting space, every 2nd week where I will present on the topic and we will hear thoughts, ideas and challenges from each of the participants in the group.
  • These online meetings are a chance for mums to switch off from the pressures of Mama life and focus on looking deeper at their emotional wellbeing while connecting in with a nurturing circle of women.
  • During the 12 weeks the discussions, checking in and emotional support from myself and the group will continue between the online meeting groups in a private facebook group.

For each of the fortnightly topics, I will present some interesting insights and information. These insights will come from my own experience and learning as well as researched strategies and techniques from leaders in the field of emotional wellbeing. The following topics are designed to both nurture and challenge your thinking and beliefs as a Mum.

 Topics for the program;

Belonging  The importance of relationships and cultivating tribes/communities.

 Judgement – Understanding judgement of self and others and fostering authenticity.

 Mamas Big Emotions – The big emotions we feel as Mums and how we can best manage their expression.

 Self- Worth and Compassion – Letting go of Shame, Guilt and Perfectionism and choosing to be vulnerable.

 Accessing Deeper Instinct –  the  major blocks to tapping in to our deepest parenting Instincts and how to work through them.

 Self Nurture – Self love and caring for your soul.

The next round of the program is scheduled for late 2016.

Dates and times of the live sessions will be negotiated between participants. We will work together to find  times that works for as many as possible, even alternating days/times if necessary to get maximum involvement. All live sessions will be recorded.

Please CONNECT WITH ME to express your interest in the program. I will add you to a list to be the first to receive an email when bookings open.


The Breakdown

  • 2 x  individual counselling/coaching sessions with me, to support and clarify your personal needs within the group.


  • A fortnightly topic for the 12 week program. I will deliver you all the information and links on the topic you will need to fully immerse yourself in the ideas and processes prior to each online support meeting.


  • 6 x 2 hour fortnightly live online group sessions. (Topic based)  These will be scheduled at a time that suits most in the group. Sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it. In these sessions I will present on the topic and you will have an opportunity to share with the group your learning and how the topic relates to and impacts you personally.


  • Online professional and group support throughout the program via discussion in the Facebook group and private email support as required.

I cant wait to meet you and welcome you in to the online tribe!