Tree House Mamas – In Person group cancelled for 2016

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Welcome lovely Mama.
Imagine what it would be like to feel;
  • A deep connection to other like minded mums.
  • genuine self-compassion that allowed you to take care of yourself as number 1.
  •  supported to be the confident and calm Mama that you truly are.
The Tree House Mamas Support Circle can help you feel this way.

The Tree House Mamas Support Circle is a therapeutic group with a difference for mums. Led by a qualified and experienced counsellor and Mum, with a focus on inclusive, non-judgmental support from other Mums.

The group is available In person in Southern Adelaide.

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Before the group begins you will have a private session with me to discuss what is going on for you and what your personal needs within the group will be. It is important that I understand you and how the group can best meet your needs.

Next we move in to the 6 week program, One 2 hour group session per week.  A chance for mums to switch off from the pressures of Mama life and focus on looking after their emotional wellbeing in a nurturing circle of women.

Each of these session has an important topic for discussion. I will present some interesting insights and information for each topic. These insights will come from my own experience and learning as well as sharing researched strategies and techniques from leaders in the field of emotional wellbeing. The following topics are designed to both nurture and challenge your thinking and beliefs as a Mum.

 Topics for the 6 weeks

Belonging  The importance of relationships and cultivating tribes/communities.

 Judgement – Understanding judgement of self and others and fostering authenticity.

 Mamas Big Emotions – The big emotions we feel as Mums and how we can best manage their expression.

 Self- Worth and Compassion – Letting go of Shame, Guilt and Perfectionism and choosing to be vulnerable.

 Accessing Deeper Instinct –  the  major blocks to tapping in to our deepest parenting Instincts and how to work through them.

 Self Nurture – Self love and caring for your soul.

After the 6 weekly sessions, we move to monthly sessions for a further 6 sessions.

The monthly therapy sessions are an opportunity to talk through your feelings and fears, delve deeper into some of the topics from the weekly program and develop true friendships and support partnerships within the group.

You will also have access to a private Facebook Support Group throughout the program, where we can continue our discussions and you can access professional and group support throughout the journey

The next Tree House Mamas Support Circle will be on Monday evenings, starting the 9th May 2016.

The group will be held in the Southern suburbs.

The Breakdown

  • A one to one session with me in person to clarify your personal needs within the group.


  • A weekly email for the 6 week program jam packed with information and links on the topic for you to familiarise yourself with prior to each support session.


  • 6 x 2 hour weekly support group sessions. We will use these sessions to discuss the topic, how it relates to each member of the group personally and have a check in with how everyone is going. The sessions will be held in the southern suburbs of Adelaide on Monday nights from 730pm.


  • 6 x 2 hour monthly support group sessions. (these may be in person or online depending on the needs of the group) – We will use these sessions to check in with how everyone is going, delve deeper into some of the weekly topics and build friendships and authentic connections between participants. The last one will be in December 2016.


  • Online Support and connection via a private Facebook group throughout the program.

Please get in touch to express your interest in the next group

I cant wait to meet you and welcome you in to the tribe!